To request a refill of your child’s medication, please send a message through the patient portal, ask your pharmacy to send an electronic refill request or leave a voicemail at 912-489-4379, option #3.  The answering service will not be able to assist with refills. The answering service can only assist with urgent medical problems (like side effects.)  Our physicians will take care of all refills at the end of each day the office is open.

Refills are not instant.  They require chart review and checking the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics database.  Most days, refills are electronically signed by Dr. Zeanah at the very end of the day.  This could be 7pm or later. To inquire if your child’s prescription is ready, please call your pharmacy.

When requesting a refill, make sure you include your child’s full name and birthday.  We will also need to know the name and strength (mg) of each medicine, the name of your pharmacy and the town of your pharmacy. (As an example, our patients use Walmart in 8 different towns. Please do not assume we know which pharmacy or which town.)  We would also like to know if you think the medicine is working well. If it is not, changing it might be smarter that refilling another 30 days. In that case, leave a good call back number and be sure to answer calls from blocked numbers.

To access the parent portal, go to  Send a message requesting a refill. Remember to include the key information:

  1. Patient name
  2. If your child is doing well
  3. Name and mg of each medicine
  4. Pharmacy name
  5. Pharmacy town