Families can request to schedule their new patient appointment by calling 912-489-4379 or sending us the new patient paperwork forms.  These can be faxed to 912-681-4379, mailed to 406 Savannah Ave Statesboro, GA 30458 or emailed to [email protected]. New patient paperwork must be completed before the first appointment can be scheduled.  A staff member will call you to set up the appointment.

Healthcare providers, educators and others who wish to refer a patient should have the child’s parent or guardian call to request an appointment or have the family send us their completed new patient paperwork.


      • Using telemedicine, we are able to assist patients in the far corners of the rural Georgia. Each month we save families hundreds of hours of driving and hundred of gallons of gas.
      During these virtual appointments, the patient must be seen unless the visit is just to gather history. The patient must be present for all new patient appointments.
  • In Person Appointments
  • We see patients in person when this helps the physician or PA gather knowledge about your child.  For autism or ADHD evaluations, information is gathered first in telemedicine visits and then additional information is gathered from the child during an in-person visit.  Depending on your child’s age, this may be done on our office playground with other similarly aged children present.Payment
      All amounts deemed patient responsibility are due at time of service. You should be prepared to pay before your visit begins. These include copays, co-insurance, deductibles and balances.
      Nonpayment will result in your account being turned over to TSI, an outside collection agency. An additional collection fee of 25% added to your bill.