Our Plan

Behavioral Pediatrics of Rural Georgia works hard every day to help patients and families.  We won’t stop.
To protect our staff and patients, we are reducing the time patients and staff are close to each other.

  • Families can choose between telemedicine and in person visits.
  • New patients need to complete their new patient paperwork and send it to the office at least one day prior to their visit.
  • Telemedicine will only be provided to patients located in the state of Georgia.
  • ADHD medicine follow ups can be done via telemedicine video chat using Google Hangouts.  Visits during which Schedule II prescriptions are written can not be conducted without Dr. Zeanah literally seeing the patient.  (The patient must be see on camera or in person.)
  • Ms. Heather & Ms. Kyleah will only see patients and parents via telemedicine.
  • Our office buildings are closed to the public.
  • We will be following CDC guidelines for social distancing and safety.

Our Policy

If you have a cough, trouble catching your breath or a fever now (or in the past 3 days) you will not be allowed to come to Behavioral Pediatrics of Rural Georgia.  This includes our staff, parents, patients and siblings.  You also may not come if someone in your household has suspected COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms.

Our Expectations

We expect to continue serving families.
We expect our patients and our staff to be honest and report risk factors like cough, fever or difficulty breathing.
We expect that some employees will have to work from home.  When they call patients, the employee’s phone number will be blocked.
We expect patients who are expecting a call from us to answer calls from blocked numbers or use the patient portal.
We expect that even with careful planning, we will have challenges.
We expect understanding from our patients.  We are working hard to serve you.
We expect some of these policies and plans may change as we learn more.