Dr. Zeanah-behavioral pediatrician in Statesboro, GA

Dr. Zeanah started in general pediatric practice in Statesboro in 2005.  She quickly developed a following of patients with ADHD and the many diagnoses often confused with ADHD.  Over the years, more and more patients changed primary care physicians so that she could manage their symptoms.  Patient families sent friends, cousins and classmates for care from Dr Zeanah.  After about 10 years, patients began asking if they had to change doctors in order to get her help.  As Dr. Zeanah’s schedule became dominated by these types of appointments, there were fewer and fewer appointments available for check ups and childhood illnesses.  Initially, help with handling these appointments was provided by her colleagues at Bulloch Pediatrics Group, but eventually they overwhelmed her schedule.  In 2016, Dr. Zeanah made the decision to leave Bulloch Pediatrics Group and exclusively practice behavioral pediatrics.